Good Health Natural Products - Eating humbles chips caused my tooth to fracture

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I tried a new chip made from garbanzo beans called Humbles.They are great!

Unfortunately for me there was a bunch of debre in the bottom of the bag and I bit down on a hard pellet of the garbazo matter which did not get puffed. My tooth fractured so badly it required a dental implant costing me $4500.00. Good health natural products passed the claim to QBEinsurance Co. They passed it off to ideal snacks who bags the chips.

Now their insurance CNA has denied my claim. They say I can not prove what injured me. This is so blatantly wrong since I did everything they asked of me. Big companies should not be allowed to treat the public like this.

Since the claim is not all that large I have had a difficult time finding an attorney to take up this issue. So I guess I will have to file a small claims lawsuit.

And I am working on filing a complaint with the consumer protection agency.I will continue to make waves until I get satisfaction.

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